No one listened to me, they all thought I was insane
Insane because I opt for the truth? For realism!
I looked at them terrifically, not discerning for a moment
What it is that men really wanted, they branded me terms
Cruel and with no pity,I stomached my pain and pride
I loathed inside, why don’t you define complicated
Elaborate insanity, validate different instead!

I warned you, now look what befell you.
The rot and apostasy of my very own people
Where are your silly lifesaving theories now?
Your children willow in your own foolishness
From their mothers’ titties they stay all day long
Rooted and suckling they stare blankly at you

I looked at them and saw their foolishness, like
Larva in cocoons they held onto their mothers’ dresses
Twenty three year old lasses with thick drawn lipsticks,
Their lips hanging loose like blossomed pumpkin leaves,
Their long hockey stick legs draped on the table
They sat waiting for food to be served,slay queens!

I sat in tranquil silence as melanin turned to white
Or at least I thought to myself, listen
Is the stereotype about blackness fading?
Both sexual and racial stereotypes rose
They crept in like an invincible serpent
The beauty claws, the yellow eye shadows!

Tell me yoy haven’t seen them,there she was
A black seventy year old with a long white wig
In red carrot-like leggings, her wobbly unarranged
Flesh dangerously sagged threatening to spill over
A qrotestue feature it was before me
Leaning to the side, I almost threw up my intestines

Tell me, do you not see these things?
I see their premonitions tormenting me
My canines clatter in tension so much
The level of their stupidity match no design
Their long confused faces masked in thin
Layers of untold ignorance and shame

Remember, oh you poor saints of the Lord
The bountiful masses of harvests you reaped
Now all we see is retarded vegetation: dull results
Your potbellied tummies now lie on your sides
Builging and daring to give birth to the sin you
Conceived by yourselves: threatening marasmus!

That morning, I woke up all hope lost
My infirm faith in humanity had dropped to zero
I had no taste for life anymore, or was I just aging?
The cold shower bit through my skin, a clear
Picture of how good impairment was eating us
I saw no hope for our land, the sin was born.

On tge road I walked blindly when suddenly
My own tutor passee by in a flash of a second
I was draped in murky water, good Good! When
ill I own my own car? I stood dead in my tracks
And soon, motorbikes: a drunkard passes by
I don’t know when it happened,but i was hospitalized.

Stupid crazy pedestrian! I heard her click
As ‘rong’ As i get paid,’ I’r’ give it panador to ‘sreep’
‘Sreep’ baby ‘sreep’,now which one is the piriton!
Piriton for a brutally wounded patieng? Homicide!
I pretended to go to the lavatories and escaped
I finally get to see what mis-education can do!

With blind eye I ambled on like a tortoise
On the massive school gate, soldiers with
Security detectors in their hands,and so I waited
What are you waiting for? Get in, seen this before?
I’m measuring my temperature, it’s a thermometer
So he said, Jesus should surely come oh people!

In the exam room with one eye, my pen and pencil
I saw them all with gadgets, in miniskirts, crop tops
Smartphones between their thighs, legs wide apart
They chewed gum as they eagerly  waited for it
With vigor they wrote, I fumbled, prayed and sweat
Our supervisor, saliva flowing: dead in dreamland.

Your age will be hard child, so  granny
Dark shall be the days, machines shall take over
So I recalled her voice, with papers in my hand
There they were in the operations management
Tears in my eyes, I saw my degree sink:robots!
I’d worked so hard, revolution laughed in my face

You will not get blessed with panda mbegus
I heard their camouflaged tongues lash out
In crystal robes they knelt before the congregation
Huge rings shinings on their fingers: so dark my
Eyes got burnt, the Lord wants burnt sacrifices
Next day, five deadly accident broadcasts all over: Grim Reapers!

Have you ever felt as though you’ve been existing
But not living? My hibernation was worse, my
Rebirth hit me like a torpedo, alas! The world
Had metamorphosed,the hipsters I inherited, the sweeping dresses!
I feel as though I should weep for that which
I know not, a scapegoat of the nation

Seek his favor and mercies for us,
His presence departed long ago
His cloud no longer protecting us
The solar a fury furnace we burn
Hell unleashed on earth we have no one to turn to

Recently our nation was chained in captive
Our creditors mock us, our bankruptcy chokes us
I can write upto eternity, but I don’t want to tire you
Let’s all walk the dreams we once talked about, enchanted
We can change for the better, staying loyal to ourselves
Being our own heroes, being the version of our own stories.
I am tired of writing rots, seeing bloodshed, please
Give me a reason to be proud of my country once again.


Do you ever hear that creak
Of the ceiling,
The chill in the air,
The obnoxious feeling
At the very pit of your stomach
That something is just not right!
In the rising tide of hysteria,
You see the shadows on the wall,
Oh the overwhelming feeling!
Maybe, just maybe
There’s somebody watching you,
Maybe it’s right behind you!


Hit my phone, tell me how you feel abouh me

Donn you know I wanna hear it all

That forever you’ll always love me

Be there even when I donn need you

Aint that what love does truely,

That you should be with me,

You know I always blow your mind,

Else why you still hanging around,

Coz you know it’s true she can never love you the way I do,

Funny I should say I know maybe you wont feel the same,

Just know leaves shall always fall.


Oh you were so perfect,
  Oh the Deity did bless you!
I can’t believe the attention you got!
Sole so beautiful, intentions ever pure, I wish I’d met you earlier, who knows, maybe we’d be best friends,
but every timing is the best,now just roll with me baby,
for what’s the world without beautiful souls,
it was meant to be, that we should meet I’ll always cherish you forever,
and now that you’re gone love ,
who should I replace you with,
I wish I could bring you back,
but baby I know that it was meant to be.
always love you, R. I. P my brown boots.
   #taking poetry to another level.


I lived,
I loved,
I danced,
I laughed,
I cried,
But nothing is permanent,
At least I know that I leave a legacy,
That indeed she gave life to them
I will miss you mother,
Poppa, forget me not your favorite
For where I go,
No one has gone,
No one has reached,
No one has come out alive.

I know tht I purpose to live,
Knowing that you lived for me
For you are all I’ve left,
What can ever be wonderful,
To know that there’s one who cries on your behalf,
I know I will dine not in my sorrows,
But that I will strive to win.

You are my battle to win,
You are my challenge to overcome,
I know that I will win,
For victory runs in me
I smile in the face of fear,
And laugh in the face of death,
I will surrender to no one,
I am me,
I am us,
I am all,
And I am you,
*The face of all nations.


Baby dunn go on breaking my heart, coz it’s all I gat.
That’s not what love’s supposed to do, I know it,
Buh why does the world have to be such a disappointment,
from afar I have to watch it all go on as though hearts were mats,
  Still not surprised though,
    No love anymore
      No we gonna make it,
         Love comes first,
  In a world like this,I know you gat me


I know I act as though I donn care,

but baby you should know that I do.
How can I pretend tht the pain’s not there when there is,
I close my eyes and you’re there, your scent is all over the place how can I assume what we ever had,
what we ever shared?
I know you miss me and that you miss us too the way I do,
I might mess up, act crazy all in the name of love,
but I know that my love will always be there with me,
I Don’t have to pretend anymore, because I know tht I love you, and if loving is a crime, being a criminal is no choice


Dear God, I hope one day you’ll explain it all
Otherwise why does this have to hurt so much
I fail to believe that he ever loved me
I can’t breathe, trust issues
All I do is think about him
All I know is that he doesn’t do the same,
I knew better but I did it anyway
Damn! I can’t call myself a fool
For we all try to love right?
For loving makes us look like fools, weak
Only I can’t share this with anyone
Because they can’t give me the answers I want

I Don’t know where I went wrong love
But I hope that one day you’ll come back to your senses
All I dream of is how close you’re close to me
And now look at me, you made me a bitch
Unable to sort out my problems,
But I hope that this is not weakness,
I know I do my best

Stuck up with your ex her memories still
Fresh in your mind. I hope she makes you happy
For what else could I ever wish for,
But I know I’ll sleep today and wake up smiling
For I can’t keep crying forever.
Life Moves On.
I know it’s not the End.
Maybe I deserve better.
I’m happy to have loved though.