I know I can be crazy atimes,

Snap at you even,
Wont admit that I love you,
Or miss you,
Or that I need you,
But deep down,
Just right there,
I know I do.
I know I want you.
And I know I love you.


Hit my phone, tell me how you feel abouh me

Donn you know I wanna hear it all

That forever you’ll always love me

Be there even when I donn need you

Aint that what love does truely,

That you should be with me,

You know I always blow your mind,

Else why you still hanging around,

Coz you know it’s true she can never love you the way I do,

Funny I should say I know maybe you wont feel the same,

Just know leaves shall always fall.


Oh you were so perfect,
  Oh the Deity did bless you!
I can’t believe the attention you got!
Sole so beautiful, intentions ever pure, I wish I’d met you earlier, who knows, maybe we’d be best friends,
but every timing is the best,now just roll with me baby,
for what’s the world without beautiful souls,
it was meant to be, that we should meet I’ll always cherish you forever,
and now that you’re gone love ,
who should I replace you with,
I wish I could bring you back,
but baby I know that it was meant to be.
always love you, R. I. P my brown boots.
   #taking poetry to another level.


I lived,
I loved,
I danced,
I laughed,
I cried,
But nothing is permanent,
At least I know that I leave a legacy,
That indeed she gave life to them
I will miss you mother,
Poppa, forget me not your favorite
For where I go,
No one has gone,
No one has reached,
No one has come out alive.

I know tht I purpose to live,
Knowing that you lived for me
For you are all I’ve left,
What can ever be wonderful,
To know that there’s one who cries on your behalf,
I know I will dine not in my sorrows,
But that I will strive to win.

You are my battle to win,
You are my challenge to overcome,
I know that I will win,
For victory runs in me
I smile in the face of fear,
And laugh in the face of death,
I will surrender to no one,
I am me,
I am us,
I am all,
And I am you,
*The face of all nations.


Baby dunn go on breaking my heart, coz it’s all I gat.
That’s not what love’s supposed to do, I know it,
Buh why does the world have to be such a disappointment,
from afar I have to watch it all go on as though hearts were mats,
  Still not surprised though,
    No love anymore
      No we gonna make it,
         Love comes first,
  In a world like this,I know you gat me


I know I act as though I donn care,

but baby you should know that I do.
How can I pretend tht the pain’s not there when there is,
I close my eyes and you’re there, your scent is all over the place how can I assume what we ever had,
what we ever shared?
I know you miss me and that you miss us too the way I do,
I might mess up, act crazy all in the name of love,
but I know that my love will always be there with me,
I Don’t have to pretend anymore, because I know tht I love you, and if loving is a crime, being a criminal is no choice


Dear God, I hope one day you’ll explain it all
Otherwise why does this have to hurt so much
I fail to believe that he ever loved me
I can’t breathe, trust issues
All I do is think about him
All I know is that he doesn’t do the same,
I knew better but I did it anyway
Damn! I can’t call myself a fool
For we all try to love right?
For loving makes us look like fools, weak
Only I can’t share this with anyone
Because they can’t give me the answers I want

I Don’t know where I went wrong love
But I hope that one day you’ll come back to your senses
All I dream of is how close you’re close to me
And now look at me, you made me a bitch
Unable to sort out my problems,
But I hope that this is not weakness,
I know I do my best

Stuck up with your ex her memories still
Fresh in your mind. I hope she makes you happy
For what else could I ever wish for,
But I know I’ll sleep today and wake up smiling
For I can’t keep crying forever.
Life Moves On.
I know it’s not the End.
Maybe I deserve better.
I’m happy to have loved though.